photo by Chris Scupham
  guitar, flute
  Michelle has been a guitarist from early on - ever since her sister taught her how to play
  Scarborough Fair on an old acoustic her mum bought her for £10!
  She is also the singer for Norfolk-based Magicfolk who have toured 
  extensively around festivals and venues in the UK since 2003, in which
  she also plays flute and guitar and writes the material.
  Her early musical influences are huge and varied, though favourites
  include Dead Can Dance, Flook, Grada, Shooglenifty, Capercaillie,
  Radiohead, Jethro Tull, Clannad, Neil Young, Bowie, and many more.
  Michelle looks after battery-rescue hens, and has 2 cats, and can
  be often be found hiding deep in the garden undergrowth.
  She also loves wandering into the hills and far away.
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