photo by Chris Scupham
  mandolin, guitar
  Ian plays several instruments, including the celtic harp which he occasionally plucks
  magical and ethereal tunes on.
  He is so fond of his mandolin that he weaved his own strap for it,
  and is also prone to bursting into Steeleye Span songs in a rich
  His taste in music ranges from Santana to the Stranglers, and
  has previously played lead blues and rock guitar for a multitude
  of songs from the 50s to the 80’s. Present favourite folk artists
  include Fairport, Steeleye Span, Horslips, 'Tull and Pyewacket.



Ian has an esoteric interest in Dark Ages re-enactments, which

  is where he gained skills in leather work and weaving. Previous to this he spent a lot of time

in the dojo - and came out as a 1st Dan in Ju-Jitsu - handy for when the ceilidh dancers get

  out of control!
  Ian also enjoys cycling, and walking in the local mint fields.
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